What Kind of Future are We Creating?

Here we are agin… another mass murder of children, another school shooting. What kind of civilized nation are we? What hope can we possibly have for the future when we turn our backs on children being murdered in their schools?. Education is one of the most important ventures a human being can undertake. Humanity is the only creature on this planet which seeks knowledge. When children have to worry about dying at their desks they cannot learn efficiently. We have failed our children and we should all be ashamed.

This is not the first school shooting but it could be our last if we were courageous. I am not going to say what the right action is. What I do know is that we cannot do nothing any longer. This type of horrific event has become far too common. We need solutions yet those we elected have decided action is not justified. Their money is worth more than lives of children.

Children are our responsibility and it is our duty to protect them. When I went to school we did not have active shooter drills yet our children do. The fact that kids these days do chills me to the bone. We do not have to live like this. We can be better. Again we are going to hear from politicians that now is not the time to talk about doing something. When is the time? The Parkland shooting disappeared from the news and now is replaced by another preventable tragedy. The time is now.

Elementary school children were killed and we did nothing. Concert goers were gunned down en mass yet we did nothing. When high school students were taken from us far too soon yet we did nothing. The list goes on and on. As the protectors of our common future we are doing nothing. It is time to talk about this solely American epidemic. It is time to come up with solutions. Let’s put all options on the table.

The politics of the situation need to be secondary to saving lives of our future leaders. The students in Santa Fe, TX participated in the nation wide school walkouts. Our children have been begging us to do something. We have ignored them. To all students everywhere; I am sorry we have failed you. I am sorry I have failed you. We deserve your ire and we no longer deserve your respect.

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