Westworld Season Two | HBO

Season One of Westworld was on my radar long before the first episode premiered. The original movie did not impress me all that much but I liked it and I would watch it in reruns when it was on. The concept was one which I always thought held promise which was the reason I had high hopes for this series. Season one came and went and I was not disappointed.

The first season introduced us to the world and all it had to offer. Westworld is a place where morality and ethical concerns are left at the door. People could do whatever they desired. There were twists and turns aplenty. The cast of characters is robust and varied. The actors chosen to portray both hosts and humans alike made the tale must see tv.

The one thing I am having trouble understanding is who is the bad guy? In every tale there is an antagonist, a nemesis for the hero. In story telling there is usually black and white. Though oftentimes it is hard to tell we instinctively recognize the roles. I am not able to identify either/or in Westworld. This show is more a mirror for humanity and in life we are all written in shades of gray. Maybe that is why I like it so much.

Season one set the stage for what was to come and now we have season two. So far it is as enigmatic as the first season. The first two episodes were a bit confusing but it has not taken long to catch up. The hosts and the now deceased creator of the park have upped the ante and are now set for a revolution. The story is building in tension and raising the stakes with every new episode. That is what a series needs to do and that is why Westworld is one of the best shows on television.

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