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One new show I am becoming attached to is The Tesla Files on the History Channel. Unless you have no interest in science at all then you have heard of Nikola Tesla. The genius inventor is credited with many of the devices we use today. Though he was one of the most intelligent inventors to have ever lived he was not a great businessman and died poor and alone.

We follow a group of intrepid researches and engineers as they recreate Tesla’s inventions. There are many people, even today who think Tesla was some sort of con man. The team is on a mission to prove that the opposite is true. They believe Tesla was the victim of a government conspiracy to keep the amazing technology he was creating from the public as it would devastate the electric and oil industries.

On the first episode they use two Tesla coils and power a remote control boat using wireless electricity transmission. Not only did they prove that it worked, which was amazing. They proved that Tesla was not some crazy scientist but his work held real promise. The experiments are something which should not be tried by the amateur but it really makes a person think.

Upon Tesla’s demise, the FBI raided his home and workshop and took eighty trunks of papers and plans. The group is also on the hunt for these missing treasure troves. If they were to find them then they could contain some amazing technology the government has been keeping from us.

Tesla claimed he was able to achieve all manner of various effects from his work with electricity. He claimed he was able to create a death ray and flying machines. If true then the plans would be in one or more of the eighty trunks which disappeared. Being a science fiction fan I am going to follow the group and see what, if anything, they find.

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