The Expanse Cancelled

SYFY is cancelling one of the best shows on their channel and I am beyond mad. The Expanse is a thrilling adventure the likes of which we have not seen since Battlestar Galactica. I have really begun to become attached to the characters and the mission. The story is just starting to heat up and the powers that be at SYFY have decided to give the fans the finger.

Well SYFY you are not the only ones with decisions to make. I have some to make too. For instance I can tune to your shows or not and from now on I don’t think I will. Their lineup is not very strong anyway. Krypton, which I had high hopes for, is not must see tv. All of their programming is out of touch with what science fiction fans really want. How many times are they going to air Pirates of the Caribbean? So I think I may just have to skip SYFY.

It seems they have decided they want to be the new Nick at Night and worry more about syndication than producing great content. I love Futurama as much as the next guy but come on. Futurama has been broadcast in syndication for decades. SYFY has decided they would rather rehash cancelled series than produce something truly visionary. There is plenty of science fiction fare out there and if they can’t even live up to their name then what do we need them for.

This is bad news for SYFY and if they do not reverse their decision to cancel The Expanse they will be making a gigantic mistake. I am not calling for a boycott though the idea is not outside the realm of possibility. The creators of the show are trying to find another broadcaster so Netflix if you are reading this you need to pick this show up. I will be hard pressed to switch to SYFY ever again.

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