Rick and Morty Renewed… Hooray!!!

My favorite show on Adult Swim, nay all channels, is Rick and Morty. I have been a fan of this groundbreaking cartoon since I saw the pilot episode. I knew it was going to be something special and I know you did too.

Season One was great and I still watch the episodes all of the time. The idea of the multiverse is not new in our modern lexicon and the Infinite Rick is just the ticket for our day and age. Not only is Rick a grumpy old jerk, he is a genius who can think and create himself out of any situation he may find himself in. Remember Pickle Rick…

Season Three, which featured the pickled genius (in more ways than one) was a nonstop thrill ride showing just what this series was capable of. We got to see the council of Ricks up close and learn of their hatred for THE Rick. We also got to see more of evil Morty and his rise to power within the Citadel of Ricks. Just typing all of this is causing me to shake my head at the silly genius of the entire plot line and I love it.

For those of us who have been following the show from the beginning it has been a long year so far. Adult Swim decided they were going to make us wait with our fingers crossed. Finally… we have confirmation Rick and Morty is coming back and we are thrilled. Not just for a season or two but for, wait for it… 70 episodes!!! What a huge deal this is for all involved. I know I speak for all Rick and Morty fans when I say way to go Adult Swim. They obviously realize the hit they have on their hands. The tales of Rick and Morty are like the multiverse itself. The possibilities are endless and I cant wait to go along for the ride.

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