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One of my favorite comics when I was a kid was The Defenders. It was a different kind of comic book in an age of vanilla superheroes who did not have the depth and conflicts of today’s heroes. So when I heard that Netflix was going to make a series based on the group I was pumped. Once I began watching it my excitement faded quickly.

The first episode was not bad but the limited series went downhill really fast after that. The characters seemed like they wanted to anywhere else than where they are. I think that is what the writers and creators were going for. Sadly the feeling of wanting to be anywhere else spilled over on to me. I found myself watching the show waiting for something… anything to happen.

With Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and The Immortal Iron Fist you would think this series would be a winner but it is not. The action is far to little and much too late. I understand the need for dialogue in a show. What would it be without it? The amount of exposition passes the point of useful and crosses into the realm of excessive.

Scott Glenn, a great actor, reprises his role as Stick. He is the blind teacher of Daredevil who is missing his hand. Even the addition of Glenn could not save this rambling tale. By the way… who thought that the stump of his hand looked good? Whoever it was who green lit that should never be allowed on another movie set… ever.

We only have so many hours to spend on our television viewing and we do not want to waste our time with sub par nonsense. The Defenders is not a show you should be watching. It is a train wreck and you don’t want to be anywhere near it.

Pauly SciFi – 2018

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