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Into the Badlands, which airs Sundays on AMC is a martial arts extravaganza. The characters portrayed are all cool in their own unique way. From Sonny played by Daniel Wu, to the Widow, Emily Beecham, we are given a glimpse of a dystopian future. The series takes place after an unexplained apocalypse where violence rules. Nick Frost as Bajie provides the comic relief, which is nearly non existent. You remember Nick Frost? He was in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. At first I did not know he was going to work in the series but time has shown he was always meant to be in it.

From the beginning this series showed what an amazing adventure a martial arts series should be. Of course like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon the physics are not realistic. If you need to have realism in you viewing then Into the Badlands will probably not be for you. If you are able to suspend disbelief then this show is right up your alley.

Season one and two had one of the most amazing portrayals of the villain. Quinn was a vile and cruel master. When Martin Csokas was cast as the most unpredictable of regents, he brought the goods. If you have not seen the first two seasons and you are going to… proceed knowing that spoilers lie ahead. If you have not seen Into the Badlands and are a science fiction fan then watch it. It is worth your tim.

Quinn was run through by Sonny in their last encounter and left for dead but in this series anything can and does happen. All fans of the show would love to see Quinn resurrected. The glee with which Csokas played the role was contagious. The past is the past and sometimes even our favorites cannot come back.

The goal for season three as I see it is to show they can continue without the evil which was Quinn. It is just Sonny and an infant on the road and in hiding. The widow has taken M.K.. Tilda, after her falling out with the widow has become a Robbin Hood of sorts. She steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

Like many of the shows on television these days it is hard to pinpoint the good guys and the bad guys. In one episode the Widow can be a heartless demon straight from hell. The next episode she is the savior of hundreds. This duality within each of the characters makes the tale unpredictable and exciting to watch. Even without Quinn season three is off to a great start and this season could be a huge leap for the series.

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