Gotham Coming to a Close

This season, season 4 of Gotham, has been amazing. There have been more twists and turns than the streets of downtown Boston. The character arcs have really shown the malleability of morality of the villains and heroes alike. As Gotham has progressed the story has only gotten better. From the news we have received recently it looks like the fifth season will be the final.

Some are upset about this news with good reason. When we become attached to characters and their struggles we want them to continue to tug at our heart strings. I know I speak for myself when I say… sometimes there is a logical conclusion. If the creators of the show see the end of the series as the finale of season five then so be it. I would rather a series go out on its own terms than being cancelled like The Expanse (still a sore spot).

I will miss Gotham when the end arrives. Like Infinity War I will be left feeling empty at the end. Unlike Firefly though we will have resolution… I hope. The actors who have brought the characters to life will be able to move on to bigger and better things. We need to allow them to as much as it hurts. If the fifth season continues to up the ante as the previous ones have then we are in for some awesome television viewing.

Gotham is synonymous with Batman and Bruce Wayne needs to finally become the Dark Knight. If the show ends after season five could the creators not continue it but under a new name with Batman instead? I don’t t know the intentions of those tasked with bringing Gotham to life. I do know that Gotham is a groundbreaking show. If the creators believe it is time to end the series then that is good enough for me. I only wish other series had the same foresight.

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