Flying Cars… People Can’t Even Drive on the Ground

It seems like flying cars are just around the corner and it should be more of a cause for concern. There have been a whole host of things science fiction has predicted. The idea of personal flying vehicles has been a long time coming. Since The Jetsons we have been dreaming of making the idea science fact. When I was a kid I thought the idea was awesome but as the eventuality approaches I am not so sure.

It would be great to get up and hop in your own personal drone. You can skip the traffic, no red lights and a great view on your commute. What happens though when granny gets in the pilots seat? I am not saying old folks aren’t smart but the frustration they cause on the roads would become deadly in the air.

As long as all of the vehicles are autonomous then we might be safe from the blue haired ones. Then Nana could just type in her destination and away she goes. If she has to pilot the vehicle though it is another matter. Rather than a car plowing through you living room it will just fall on you house. That sounds great. Imagine sleeping soundly to awaken to a huge crash only to find Nana in you living room with a huge hole in your roof.

There are people driving right now I would not trust with a potato gun not to mention a flying car. The only way it will work is if they are all on a network and controlled remotely by computer. The accident rate is way too high as it is on the ground. Imagine millions of people having to do the simple math it requires to calculate distance and fuel consumption. My daughter has a tough time with addition.

Flying cars are soon here and it has been a long time coming but perhaps it was for good reason. Putting people in flying vehicles and expecting them to be more responsible than they are now is foolhardy at best.

Pauly SciFi – 2018

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